Grays Harbor Fire District #10
Wishkah Fire Department


B. Anderson, Captain

K. Anderson, Firefighter/EMR

T. Berge, Firefighter/EMT

J. Berry, Firefighter

B. Cooper, Firefighter

G. Dineen, Firefighter/EMT

J. Glazek, Firefighter

M. Hamilton, Firefighter

J. Malchert, Firefighter/EMT

K. Matthews, Chief/EMR

M. Pauley, Firefighter/EMT

M. Pauley, Assistant Chief/EMT

J. Pickering, Captian

D. Reibel, Firefighter

C. Stoner, Firefighter

D. Tosland, Firefighter

M. Tosland, Firefighter

M. Toy, Captian/EMR

D. Wareham, Firefighter


EMR-Emergency Medical Responder

EMT-Emergency Medial Technician


To become a Volunteer with Wishkah Fire Department you must live within GHFD #10.

Download and fill out the application and return to GHFD #10.

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DOL Records Request
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