Grays Harbor Fire District #10
Wishkah Fire Department

Emergency Medical Services

Wishkah Fire Department provides Basic Life Support services through the use of Aid Vehicles, Licensed by the Washington State Department of Health. We have personnel that are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Medical Responders.

All Firefighters are trained in AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers. We have two aid vehicles that department personnel respond in besides the personal vehicles, which are stocked with all the supplies needed for medical emergencies.

GHFD #10 contracts with Aberdeen and Hoquiam Fire Departments for Advanced Life Support Paramedic services. These contracts cover all transports within the fire district; Advance Life Support, as well as Basic Life Support.

Wishkah Fire Department personnel are required to have continued education at the provider level, as per state and local guidelines. As a county, we use EMS Online, as well as practical skills assessments at the department or at Grays Harbor EMS locations.

Wishkah Fire Department also provides American Heart Association First Aid - CPR class as needed for community members. Please click here to send a First Aid class request. The classes are held at Station 10-1.